Thursday, September 17, 2009

"My Vector Art Stuff"

These are some of my best and favorite vector artworks that I did over the years with Adobe Illustrator.

"Beastly Vampire with Beautiful Woman"

My "stylized" concept of "Dracula". Done in pen & ink.

"Loungin' around"

This piece is a bit of mixed media. One half black oil paint on gessoed water-color paper, then figures inked with pen & ink.

"Warrior Woman Elf vs A Dragon"

This piece was done in pen & ink. Concept was to create a warrior woman of any genre.

"My Geometric Supermodels"

These figures were drawn from fashion magazine pics and then I purposely placed geometric shapes (mostly triangles and squares) within the models bodies and faces for a very "stylized look". All done with pen & ink.

"Self-Portrait with Bird"

The self-portrait was done with ink (stenciling/stippling) and the Red Macaw bird was painted in Acrylics.